Preparing Your Practice for Growth

Every practice’s journey will be different, but having a good support and management team is essential no matter what your goals are. Whether you’re a single practice looking to add a second location, or a group practice seeking continued expansion, here are 3 steps that are essential to structuring your business for successful and sustainable growth.

1. Centralize Training and Team Building

Training is particularly important in order to align all team members in providing the ultimate customer service experience. This accredited training program, called the NEDAC Institute, was inspired by and developed in conjunction with the famed Disney University. Providing intensive training for all staff members will help lift some of the pressure on visiting each office and ensure things are functioning according to plan.

One of the challenges in growing offices are the many different things at that you need to oversee, most importantly your staff. Consider the number of employees you have, how many doctors (dentist, hygienist, dental assistants) you need, how you’ll recruit doctors and/or employees that buy in to your expectations and your vision – there’s a lot of factors. Keeping all these employees aligned with the vision of the practice will set it up for success.

2. Build Relationships with Key Partners

Building relationships with trustworthy business partners helps in a number of ways, not the least of which is by relieving pressure on the dental team to have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of non-core related operations such as real estate and development.

The same is true of working with banks. Once your relationship with banks are established and they know what you stand for, it makes it easier to establish funding and to continue adding locations and growing your practice.

3. Add “Corporate” Roles

Even as a privately owned practice, and even if you do not consider yourself corporate, establish a corporate office. You should have a COO and a CFO, a director of compliance whose role is to perform in-house audits of the offices to ensure everything is continually done right. Your finance manager should manage a team that takes care of billing and collections.

A corporate role becomes essential when whoever was performing the role can no longer balance the work for an individual location and the large group practice. As an example, the responsibilities for managing supplies and office workflows across locations could be done by an individual location’s office manager. However with multiple locations, the work can be too much where that role should be moved to a corporate level and a corporate office manager should be added.

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