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School Loans… Compare your Options

While becoming a Dentist is a solid career path, the education required to become a dentist is not cheap. The average student loan debt for all indebted dental school graduates in 2018 was $285,184, according to the American Student Dental Association.

Preparing Your Practice for Growth

Every practice’s journey will be different, but having a good support and management team is essential no matter what your goals are. Whether you’re a single practice looking to add a second location, or agroup practice seeking continued expansion, here

Tips for a Healthy Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, for most children that means bags of candy! Halloween also presents parents with a variety of health and safety challenges. Here’s how you can help your family stay Healthy on Halloween… and all year

5 Tips to Avoid Sugar Cravings

Sugar Can Be Addictive There’s a proven reason why you crave sugar. First of all,taste preferences are partly determined by genetic factors. It’s part of the reason that some people are more predisposed toward things like obesity, diabetes, and tooth

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